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  1. Have you have instanced where your USB flash drive


1. Have you have instanced where your USB flash drive works well with some systems but does not work with other systems (Windows, Linux, car MP3 player, IoT devices. etc)?

2. Another frequent situation is that you cannot copy a big file (say 6GB) onto some disks even though you have plenty of free space on the disk. 

If you never had such experience, many of us have. If you have, please, describe it. What may cause such situations? What could be a way to resolve each of those situations? What may be a tradeoff that comes with your solution?

Use your own words at 100%.


3. Public cloud providers such as AWS and Azure offer different types of storage products. Withing the same provider, the same storage capacity (say 100 GB) may cost differently, depending on the type of storage the customer chooses. Discuss the possible attribute of storage devices that may contribute to this price differentiation.

Use your own words.  

 4. Amy thinks command-line interfaces (CLI) are tool invented by IT professionals to mystify others and reduce competition in the IT job market.  What do you think? 

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