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2. Go to Yahoo Finance, copy a dataset of about 50

2. Go to Yahoo Finance, copy a dataset of about 50 prices of your choice of a company’s stock. It can be any company, for any year and time period (daily, weekly, or monthly stock prices).  You need at least 50 prices minimum.  If you have less, your work will not be accepted.  For my video, I chose 1 year and weekly closing prices, but you can choose 5 years or 6 months, but you just need to adjust the frequency.  

  • Using Chapter 16 on forecasting methods, 

Stock prices can be easily obtained from Yahoo Finance.

Yahoo! Finance: http://finance.yahoo.com/

Below the “Home” menu, enter the name of a company and click on “Get Quotes”. On the next page opening, on the left side menu select “Historical Prices”.

3. You cannot have the same company or dates as your classmate.  If I receive the same excel file for 2 students, I will not accept the work.  Everyone should have their own company and their own date range.

4. Submit your answers in an Excel file on Moodle

5. Watch the following video on how to do the assignment 


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