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After reading chapter 5 from the attached textbook answer the

After reading chapter 5 from the attached textbook answer the below question in own words. Strictly no plagiarism and APA format must.

 You work as a supervisor in a manufacturing firm. The company has implemented a balanced-scorecard performance-appraisal system and a financial bonus for exceeding goals. A major customer order for 1,000 units needs to ship to a destination across the country by the end of the quarter, which is two days away from its close. This shipment, if it goes well, will have a major impact on both your customer-satisfaction goals and your financial goals. With 990 units built, a machine breaks. It will take two days to get the parts and repair the machine. You realize there is an opportunity to load the finished units on a truck tomorrow with paperwork for the completed order of 1,000 units. You can have an employee fly out with the 10 remaining parts and meet the truck at the destination city once the machinery has been repaired. The 10 units can be added to the pallet and delivered as a complete shipment of 1,000 pieces, matching the customer’s order and your paperwork. What do you do?

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