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 As you complete each quadrant of the SWOT Matrix, consider

 As you complete each quadrant of the SWOT Matrix, consider these questions:

  • Strengths.
    • What are your selected company’s likely strengths?
    • Is your product or service in a growing industry and does it lack an entrenched competitor?
    • Are you in a niche market with great potential?
    • What strengths do you and other team members bring to the company?
  • Weaknesses.
    • What are your chosen company’s likely weaknesses?
    • How entrenched is the competition in your industry segment?
    • Is your management team inexperienced?
    • How challenging will it be to produce the product or offer the service and maintain quality?
  • Opportunities.
    • What are your company’s opportunities?
    • Does your segment have more demand than supply?
    • Have larger corporations stopped serving smaller or niche markets that you could enter?
    • Is a new market emerging because of demographics, immigration, changing tastes, et cetera?
  • Threats.
    • What are your company’s threats?
    • Does a clear market leader exist that will be hard and expensive to displace?
    • Are downward-pricing pressures in the segment making profit margins slim?
    • Are there few or no barriers to entry for new competitors?
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