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  Background:  For this portion of the Course Project, you will


Background:  For this portion of the Course Project, you will create a floor plan of the learning environment that would be necessary for your weekly curriculum theme for the age group your chose in Module 01.  There are two (2) parts to this section of your project.

Part 1:  Create a Floor Plan

  • To create the floor plan of the learning environment, you may use Microsoft PowerPoint or an Internet program such as the Classroom Architect .
  • Label your floor plan so it is clear what activity/interest areas you are including and how they are arranged within the space. Your learning environment should reflect Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP), as well as the weekly curriculum theme you have identified for the course project.

Art/ Creative
Cubbies/Personal Spaces
Eating Space
Bathroom Space
Large Movement
Group Time
Puzzles and Fine Motor Manipulatives
Cozy Area

Part 2:  Write a Description of your Floor Plan

  • Write a 1-full page description of the learning environment. Provide your reasoning and explanation for the following:
    1. Why the activity/interest areas were included.
    2. Why they are located where they are.
    3. How they will foster learning given your weekly curriculum theme.
  • Be sure to include the materials/equipment you identified in Module 04.

Use professional language including complete sentences and proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout your paper. Be sure to cite any research sources in APA format. If you need assistance with APA format,

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