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Background: You are a project manager assigned to work with a


You are a project manager assigned to work with a faculty member at Walsh.  A business case has already been approved for the addition of an online “Risk Management” class in the MBA program and the College has hired a new faculty member who has a PgMP certification and is the only one qualified to develop the course. 

The MBA chair is the project sponsor, the new faculty member is the subject matter expert or SME who will write all 11 weeks’ content, and the Division of Online Learning (DOL) will get the course ready to put in Moodle. Employees from other functional areas of the organization should be considered as stakeholders as well. 

Project Deliverables
A syllabus, lectures and assignments need to be written by the professor and made ready for Moodle by the DOL one week at a time, and the entire course reviewed and approved by the sponsor by March 1st.  These are the deliverables for the project. Keep in mind that this course will only run online and not on-ground. 

The addition of this course will not cause any expenses or expansions for Moodle. The new professor is salaried so there is no SME cost.  The DOL estimate is $20,000 and outside material for the course is expected to be less than $2,000.

The project needs to be completed (and signed off) by March 1 in order to allow enrollment for spring.  Once it is signed off, the project is over.

Using the attached project charter template (below), complete a charter for this project. Do not copy and paste the instructions here onto the charter – they are not specific enough to fill it out, and doing so will cost you points. Some hints:

  • The opportunity (or need or problem) statement tells us why this project should be considered.
  • Objectives tell us what needs to be done.
  • Assumptions are facts taken to be true about the project.
  • Constraints are known facts or things that limit the project in some way.
  • Risks identify unplanned issues that will negatively affect the project if they happen.

Type right into the document after saving it to your computer and upload the Word document by the due date. Remember to be thorough yet concise in your writing.  You should not need to include any researched material on this charter.  Watch scope creep  (going outside the bounds of the project request, as identified here). It will cost you rather than help you. Upload your finished document by clicking “add submission” below. Advance to the next link to see a lecture on charters that will be in week 2 and is copied here so you can get started early if you wish

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