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  Below you can find the requirements for Writing Assignment #2.


Below you can find the requirements for Writing Assignment #2. I know you just submitted the first one, but I wanted to give you some time to really work on these new prompts. Remember to check the To-Do List in your syllabus for due dates!


Choose from any of the prompts below. Don’t feel obligated to answer every question within the prompt, rather use the questions as spring boards for developing your own angle. These are just starting points. Build your own angle.


2)         “The Lottery”: How might the story function as an allegory regarding man’s inhumanity to man? What comment(s) might the story make regarding social pressure? Consider exploring how tradition, heritage, or scapegoating play into the story.

*)         You may develop your own writing angle/focus regarding one of the two stories above. However, I would recommend brainstorming a few ideas with me before you jump into your assignment.

Whichever approach you choose, you’ll want to develop an essay fully supporting your thesis.

Your essay will be graded on:

An introductory paragraph that leads into your thesis statement

A specific thesis statement, stating the overall main idea of your essay

Each body paragraph should be focused on one main supporting point (topic sentence)

Integrate all quotes (see integration document) and cite them by author’s last name and page number in the parenthetical reference, e.g. (Walker 308).

DON’T RETELL THE STORY–organize your essay by idea, not by order of events in the story. Your best bet is to consciously not organize your paper in a chronological fashion, but rather to organize climactically based on the perceived strength of the ideas in the paragraph.

Remember that this is a persuasive paper; you must not only cite evidence from the story to support your claims, but also explain HOW those citations illustrate your point. 

A conclusion including: a summary, a restated thesis, and a final thought  

A title that fits your essay

Good editing to eliminate errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure

Roughly 800-1,200 words. You MUST have at least five paragraphs, preferably more.

Proper format (typed, double-spaced, titled, stapled)

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