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**********Book Is Loading and also a sample of assignment.************** about

**********Book Is Loading and also a sample of assignment.************** about 1 1/2 pages at least

Case analysis sections will be due each week.  Please use the attached APA-ready template located at the bottom of these instructions to facilitate the start of your paper.  The sections will be compiled and refined into a comprehensive final case analysis (critical assignment) at the end of the course. It must provide an in-depth analysis of the Harvard Business Publishing case study titled, GE’s Two-Decade Transformation: Jack Welch’s Leadership [Product No.: 399150-PDF-ENG].

The paper must be supported by the Organizational behavior: Managing people and organizations text (Griffin, Phillips, and Gully), as well as five other outside sources.

The intent of the paper is to provide students the opportunity to further explore topics from the course, demonstrate an informed understanding of the topics, and apply relevant knowledge to analyzing and evaluating the case.

The final case analysis (critical assignment) must include the following components which will be graded according to the standards that are established in the Final Case Analysis Grading Rubric attached to the assignment in Blackboard.  The schedule for submitting each section and the final case analysis is as follows:

Week 1: Summary of Background and Facts 

Summary of Background and Facts Points Range:5.4 (13.5%) – 6 (15%) Thoroughly provides: -Summary of the case study, including case details and issues. -History of GE. -Bio of Jack Welch, including key accomplishments and criticisms. 

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