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Chapter 15 Reading: Chapter-15.pdf Chapter 15 PowerPoint: Chapter 15 Slides.pptx

Chapter 15 Reading:


Chapter 15 PowerPoint:

Chapter 15 Slides.pptx 

Appendix A Reading:


Appendix A PowerPoint:

Appendix A slides.pptx

Extra Resources:

Chapter 16:


Chapter 16 PowerPoint:

Chapter 16 slides.pptx 

Human Skeleton 3D Image Lab: http://www.eskeletons.org/boneviewer/nid/12537/region/skull/bone/cranium

Craniofacial Growth Collections: https://www.aaoflegacycollection.org/aaof_home.html

Bioarchaeology Video: https://youtu.be/kV5yAIjFuLk 

Forensic Anthropology Video: https://youtu.be/LiTIfzryRM0

1. Compare and contrast the goals of bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology.

2. Discuss two ethical considerations bioarchaeologists and/or forensic anthropologists face.

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