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 Choose a company brought into the news for some questionable

 Choose a company brought into the news for some questionable activity (within the past 8 years). Try browsing Google using key words such as “corporate scandal” or “corporate fraud” for possible companies. Please write a one or two page introduction about the company you choose and a one-page summary of the incident in question. Provide a 4-6 page written analysis, in addition to the summary, of the legal and ethical issues that are involved. Based on the findings, you will evaluate what these legal and ethical implications may be and what types of laws or regulations you would recommend be put into place in order for this not to happen again in the future. (For example, some activities may be legal but not ethical; if this is the case, what regulations and laws would you put into place to stop this from happening again in the future?) As part of the discussion, include how business leaders can encourage their companies to act ethically, and how duty-based ethical standards differ from outcome-based ethical standards and the applicability of either to your chosen company. At this point, the paper should include the revised introduction and your analysis and conclusion for submission (a maximum of 10 pages). DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! 

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