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Choose a current (foreign) world leader and write a concise

Choose a current (foreign) world leader and write a concise paper on his/her psychological profile to the best of your abilities. Judging simply by past and current actions, identify the following:

1.  Strengths and weaknesses of the leader 

2.  The leader’s ability to compromise

3.  The US’s interest in the chosen leader’s country and politics

4.  The foreign leader’s interest in the US and its politics

5.  Potential collaboration points and potential clashing points between the US and the foreign leader’s country

6.  Potential dangers to US national security stemming from this leader’s country/ tendencies

7.  Techniques and incentives for a good cooperation in the future for both the US and the foreign leader’s country

You are not expected to look at this as might a professional in the field of psychology. However, one of the most important abilities for a diplomat is to have at least basic understanding of people’s characters and what makes them the way they are (sometimes going on quite limited information). This is your chance to put yourself in such a situation and see what you might learn from the research you will do. This assignment should be between 3-5 pages (not including title page and bibliography).

You may use credible online news and analysis sources.

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