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Comic Arkham Asylum

(This is my 2nd time ordering this paper because my first order did not follow the details. I do not need a research paper. Basically what my teacher just wants is for me to choose 12 panels from the Arkham Asylum comic and write about every VISUAL detail in those 12 panels. That means they DONT WANT any RESEARCH done for this paper, they literally want you to describe everything visually in just those 12 panels from the comic. I’ll explain what visual detail means below. )

1) Please read the comic Arkham Asylum online: https://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Arkham-Asylum/Full?id=63946&readType=1 2) Choose 12 frames that happen IN ORDER and show a full action sequence that happens in the comic from its beginning and conclusion. I recommend a sequence that has a lot of visual details. 3) Begin by a) describing the frame layout of the page or pages and b) remember to describe the activity frame by frame in order of appearance and that c) you are describing how the frames work to maintain continuity. So basically you can maybe talk about why the frame size matters (if it’s thin or long or jagged or even if it’s framed with white lines or even overlapped) and why that kind of special framing affects the story. 4) Describe a) the character (s), motivation, and action of every frame. b) explain the position of your view point (bird’s eye view, normal face to face view, ant’s eye view), and c) explain the pictorial space of each frame (like why a character/object might be placed on the left/middle/right/up/down side of the frame) d ) describe every visual detail in every frame. Keep in mind that “everything” means everything. Visual detail examples: random scratchy lines or smoke or water color effects or blurs and please describe what effect does each unique visual detail in each panel mean. 5) Please just make this last step just one page. Having fully described the sequence, write a critical explanation of the purpose of the sequence a) at the point of its occurrence in the narrative and b) it’s contribution or significance to the theme or purpose of the graphic novel. ( DO NOT RESEARCH ANYTHING, just talk about comic itself/the 12 sequences you choose please!) Please let me know if you have questions.

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