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Consider what things are most important to prepare students to

Consider what things are most important to prepare students to be successful, fulfilled members of society. Then, I want you to write an informative essay in which you explain three specific criteria for an effective education system. Use ideas presented in the texts that we have read as well as your own opinion to determine what you think makes an effective education. You will need to use textual evidence from 2-3 texts from the Essay 1 readings to support your claim (listed below). As you develop your ideas, you should also explain why these three criteria should be implemented and how they create an effective education. Finally, close your essay with a conclusion that appeals for the implementation of  these things in order to improve the current state of  the education system. (You may use whatever education system you are familiar with as the reference point for this essay.) The criteria you build can include points focused on what type of subject matter should be taught, methods used to teach students, classroom environment, and any other point of focus that would help create an effective education.  

Tips: Edit your thoughts to turn this into the third person, academic language, UNLESS you are providing a short, personal example -Remove I, me, we, us, you -Remove internal voice, like feel, believe, think, know -If using any personal examples/stories, try to make these abstract or hypothetical -Connect the logical dots—isolate your assumptions, and try to over-explain yourself. Articulate the obvious!  -Eliminate cluttery words. Opt for larger words/compound sentences to make your tone sound less conversational.  -Take out any conditional language—might, could, maybe, etc  



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