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c PART ONE: 15 HOURS FIELD OBSERVATION REFLECTION REPORT (60 points) You will be expected to find one school where you can complete your 15 hours


PART ONE: 15 HOURS FIELD OBSERVATION REFLECTION REPORT (60 points) You will be expected to find one school where you can complete your 15 hours of field based observations in a variety of general education, resource-room, and self-contained classrooms where students with disabilities are educated. Based on what you see during your observation, you will then be expected to write and hand in a five- page reflection report ( which should be typed with 1.5 line spacing with one inch –top, bottom, left, and right margins) specifying:

Part Two: Writing a Reflection Paper Rubric for your Reflection Report/Paper ✓ In the first two pages:

• the type of classroom settings where you conducted your observation; 7

• the type(s) of students with disabilities you observed;

• the content information/skills being taught and the types of learning activities students were asked to engage in;

• the extent to which students with disabilities (compared to their general education peers) participated in, and/or completed assigned learning activities;

• the type(s) of academic and behavioral problems you saw students experiencing as a result of their disabling conditions; and

• the type of instructional and classroom management strategies teachers were using to minimize any academic and/or behavioral problems that occurred; in addition to:

• Any other services you saw related service personnel provide to the students you observed. ✓ Next: using the last three pages of your five page reflection report, describe:

• Similarities and differences you identified among students with disabilities (and their general education peers) as far as their learning characteristics are concerned;

• How the learning characteristics you identified among students with disabilities influenced their behavior(s) and/or ability to learn, interact with others, and function independently in their classroom settings;

• Any variables/factors related to the: – Student characteristics; – Classroom management and organization; – School environment; and – Type of community and/or area where the schools you completed your observation in were located that may have influenced the teaching-learning process and/or students’ ability to learn. • Strategies you would use as a teacher/related service personnel or educator to handle some of the situations/issues/ problems you observed; • What you need to know/do, in terms of ensuring you are prepared to work with some of the students and resolve some of the problems you noted during your observation; and • Your personal reaction to what you saw. What stood out in particular? • Whether this experience was or was not beneficial and why. • Please make sure to follow APA writing rules in your paper regarding page numbers, headings, citations, cover page, and references.

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