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Directions In a minimum of 300 words please discuss how these


In a minimum of 300 words please discuss how these concerns impact morale, patient care, nursing autonomy, etc.  Use at least 1-2 references and proper APA format.

Discussion Prompt(s)

Jonathan Kirkpatrick recently was hired as a nursing manager in an acute care hospital for orthopedics, neurology, and two medical-surgical units for a for-profit corporation. Nurse Kirkpatrick is responsible for the quality, cost, and morale of the units that he manages. As part of his employment package, he is rewarded with a bonus based on the amount of money that he is able to save the hospital.

One of the first things Nurse Kirkpatrick is asked to do in his new position is to “cut the fat” out of staff numbers. The corporation that owns the hospital believes there are too many nurses on the payroll. Personally, although he does not say so upfront, Nurse Kirkpatrick disagrees. He believes the nurses currently on staff are all needed for quality of care. As he looks for ways to cut these numbers, what concerns might he raise to make administrative staff aware of the risks? Identify both ethical concerns and potential legal concerns

Remember that part of being in leadership is to advocate for employees and balance the requirements of the job. 

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