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DIS 4 motivation theory job design theory expectancy theory  Herzberg’s two-factor theory   Maslow's hierarchy of


motivation theory

job design theory

expectancy theory

 Herzberg’s two-factor theory 

 Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory 

While you read the entire chapter, think about which theory is your personal favorite. In your post name your choice, describe it briefly, and defend why it is your favorite. We would be interested to know if you think that your selected theory is one that would motivate you, or if it is one that you believe is effective where you work or volunteer. 

Be careful if you pick Herzberg’s Theory since it was the subject of a previous presentation from your professor in Week 7.  I would not mind if you agree with me, but you do not want to be guilty of just repeating what I have already said to the class.  I will be involved in the discussion so watch for questions I may ask you individually.


 Reflect on the information presented in the course.  Point out two things that you really enjoyed about the course and/or two things that need improvement.  Be constructive with your criticism.  Your suggestions are very important to keeping this class relevant to future students. (For example, the announcements that gave hints for each week were the result of this forum.)  Putting links to You Tube information inside Modules are new this school year, so your input on this practice would be helpful to me.  Also, reflect on how the class changed your thoughts about Management. Did you change your mind about some aspect of management because of this course?  Did you learn something that has impacted you in the workplace?  What “pearl” of wisdom do you take from this course?  What advice would you give other online learners? 

you did DIs 2-3 already it’s if you can’t find the new ones, it’s listed under Pruitt Dis 2 and Dis 3

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