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  Final Project Instructions The purpose of this final project is to translate


Final Project Instructions

The purpose of this final project is to translate and transfer your course learning into a final project that enhances your self-awareness and informs your approach to management. Ideally, your final project will be something that you would want to include in a portfolio that could be shared on job searches and discussing in job interviews. My hope is that you will want to return back to your finished project even after our course is complete for inspiration and grounding as you develop professionally and navigate your career. 


Requirements for Content

I have provided three organizing questions that direct the content to be included in your final project. These questions are listed below. After each question, I provide further requirements

  • Who am I?  (Total of 8 Concepts Minimum)
    • draw on at least 4 more concepts of the course, ideally from the midpoint –e.g., negotiation style, leadership style, communication preferences/strengths, leader decision-making style 
  • What Management Skills Have I Learned? (Total of 4 Concepts Minimum)
    • draw on at least 2 more skill sets honed in the course, ideally from the midpoint – e.g., encouraging mutual accountability, team leadership, plot and predict, decision-making skills relating to leadership, building productive team norms, creating a motivating environment, using P-J / P-O fit effects
  • In What Environments Do I Thrive? (Total of 2 Concepts Minimum)
    • draw on at least 1 more concept in the course, ideally from the midpoint – e.g., teams versus groups, motivational approaches, organizational structures, leadership approaches of your organization) 


Assume your audience does not understand management principles. Through your final project educate your audience with clear and accurate descriptions of course concepts that clearly demonstrate to me your knowledge and understanding of the course material. Recognize that common management terms are often misunderstood and be sure to move beyond common myths of various terms (e.g., extraversion does not equate to simply talking a lot).  Also, you don’t need to tell your audience about every concept, just educate them on the ones relevant to you!  For example, you do not need to explain all of OCEAN if your focus is really just on extraversion.

What’s Not Allowed

You may not use images or language that you find on the internet or in our book without properly citing the sources. Provide credit right under the image/text. Also, if you are defining or describing terms, you also need to provide a source for where you are paraphrasing from.  Our book is a great source.  What I am really hoping for in terms of images is that you will work to create your own. That is, how can you take the raw material from all of your learning this quarter (including but not limited it to the portfolio check-in submissions) and present these information visually (text, graphs, charts, tables, images, etc.) for a professional audience. Have fun with it!  Doing so will enhance your learning over the long term.

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