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For this assignment, you will read the book To End

For this assignment, you will read the book To End a War by Richard Holbrooke in order to understand the difficult decisions that must sometimes be made in diplomatic situations, as well as the frustrations that might arise. 

You will pick a situation Holbrooke had to face, from his book. You will then write a 3-page analysis with clear and concise points on what happened and what you would have done the same or differently had you been in Holbrooke’s place. In your analysis, include what happened and why, followed by what you would have done and why. 

Make sure to have a solid and logically flowing arguments in your analysis. 

If you would not have done anything differently, include arguments for why Holbrooke’s strategy was the best answer to that situation.

Remember, it is not enough to state what was done or would have been done. Rational, logically flowing arguments and descriptions are necessary.

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