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I am looking for  a proficient top Academic Paper writer

I am looking for  a proficient top Academic Paper writer who has intellectual and proper citing skills to write a paper for me.

  This should be a formal, academic paper : writer can a topic you find interesting, the writing of the topic needs to be done in a formal, academic tone. This paper is designed to be an analysis/synthesis of your topic, not a “passion project”, “personal essay”, or “rant”. Essays that are written in a style not appropriate to a historical essay will earn a grade of a “0”, and be returned to the student for correction.  

 You may choose any thematic topic related to US History and trace that topic through three of the four periods we’ve discussed so far in this class. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

 It is not a research paper. 

 Please make sure you pick a topic that you have enough material within the assigned sources to support your topic. Midterms that include materials from sources outside this course will earn a zero. 

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