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I know it's due in 16 hours but this won't

I know it’s due in 16 hours but this won’t take long at all. Please dont overbid I will accept the first cheapest one.* Read these 3 and a half pages , https://photos.app.goo.gl/wRfvkaHVVsScRs5X9 , and answer this: 

What is the purpose of this document? Why is it a radical document—even for today? Why are the questions that “men expect from the various religions…” necessary for discussion—even today? Why are dialogue and collaboration essential for religion today? **** What do you think are 3-4 of the most important ideas in this document? How is this document relevant in today’s world? In what way is this document a prime example of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition as an ongoing conversation? ****

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