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I need Milestone 3 paper which is relevant to Milestone

I need Milestone 3 paper which is relevant to Milestone 1 & 2 paper which are attached here for reference.

The Milestone 1 paper will identify and describe your chosen company, what business it is in, and set out the problem that needs to be solved. This is a situational analysis

The Milestone 2 paper talks about your chosen organization, you will outline your marketing objectives, describe any research you would do, and describe your target market(s). 

For the present Assignment: I need Milestone 3 paper.

The Milestone 3 paper will describe the marketing mix for your project, including product, promotion, distribution, and pricing. Paper length: 3-4 pp. not including title page and references.

Remember, papers may only be submitted as Word documents.  All papers in this course are to be in APA format, with a title page, running head, and 4 references. APA is in 12- point Times New Roman, double-spaced throughout. Plagiarism free paper.

PLEASE NOTE: These milestone papers and your final marketing plan are not intended to be “term papers” in which you simply report what has already happened. What we are looking for is your analysis and your ideas. Your assignment is to identify a company with a marketing problem that needs to be solved, and develop a marketing plan of your own to solve the problem.

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