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Identify a group of victims of some harmful activity who

Identify a group of victims of some harmful activity who still has not been “discovered” (or “rediscovered”) officially as victims. Describe the types of harm this group is experiencing, and why you think they are still not considered “victims” by many in society.

Suggested outline of the paper

After the introductory paragraph, which should summarize the thesis, why the topic is something we should care about, and how the subsequent paragraphs will be organized, you should explain the meaning of the “discovery” of victims. You should cite the textbook and/or the article “The social construction of violence”. Provide some well-known examples that demonstrate how the “discovery” process tends to unfold, and the major types of actors that are usually involved. 

Next, explain the plight of the group you chose to study for this paper, who is victim of some crime or injustice but generally not recognized as such by the dominant society and the law. What is happening to this group? Why is it happening? Make sure that your discussion is based on research. Provide statistics, in-depth examples, or other types of empirical evidence whenever possible to support important points. 

Next, explain, in your view, why this particular group is not yet viewed as “victims” by the dominant society. Again, cite evidence where appropriate. 

Then, offer some suggestions on how the (re)discovery of this victim group could be moved forward. Are there signs that this group is in the process of being (re)discovered as victims? For example, are there any grassroots campaigns or non-governmental organizations working to bring public attention to the problem? Has there been any proposed legislation (at local, state or federal levels) to address the problem(s) faced by the group? 

Finally, include a conclusion paragraph that concisely summarizes the main points you made in the paper. End strongly! 

Format and References

The paper should be approximately 5 pages (not including title or reference pages), double-spaced, with 12 font and 1” margins. The paper should include in-text citations and a reference page in ASA or APA format. 

In addition to at least one reading from the course, you should cite at least three additional sources. These sources can be academic (peer-review articles and books), but may also include newspaper reports or other news media. 

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