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  Insider  trading is explained in Chapter 10, pages 368-373, as


Insider  trading is explained in Chapter 10, pages 368-373, as buying or selling  stocks of businesses using information that comes from an inside person  and is not known to the public. The buyer or seller may have  information that would dramatically impact the price of stocks.

Please read the article https://www.golfdigest.com/story/phils-insider-trading-escape 

For  discussion this week, please share your opinion related to golfer Phil  Mickleson’s apparent involvement in the Dean Foods insider trading.  In  your opinion, please explain if you feel Mickleson is guilty or not of  insider trading.  Please try to include some material from your textbook  reading to help support your opinion.  Do not include websites or other  materials from sources other than your textbook. 

Respond to classmate below

 Good afternoon professor and class, hope all is well. I think Phil  Mickelson knew what was going on and should have been prosecuted. I  think cause he was a big name in golf they chose to leave him alone. I  think he know what was going on cause he knew that Walters was a big  gambler and Davis was over the inside trading. He owed Walters some  money, so he probably told him you owe me so this is a good chance to  pay me back without using your golf money. He probably told him I got a  guy on the inside and it’s a sure win. Mickelson probably agreed but  told them to just leave my name out of it. His name carried the most  weight so he had the most lose. I would have felt he was not not  guilty if he had just met him, but h knew Walters for awhile. He was  also introduce to Davis so he wasn’t a stranger. I think golfers are  smart cause majority attend good schools so telling me you didn’t know  what you was doing is wrong. Do you think if Mickelson was a black  golfer he would have been charged? we all know blacks don’t get the  benefit of the doubt 

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