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On slide #5 of the presentation “Why Study SA&D” you

On slide #5 of the presentation “Why Study SA&D” you are asked to identify 2 examples of systems, for this discussion do the following:

  1. Identify at least 2 components (i.e., distinct groupings of functionality possibly in the form of system within the system) within some system of your choosing.
  2. State how the components are interconnected (i.e., can you think of examples that suggest that the components are connected)
  3. Identify the boundaries of the system

After you have made your post then respond to a classmate’s post commenting on your belief that the system is easy or hard to use, provide a concrete reason for rating.

After you complete this discussion you should have familiarity with the concept of a system and components within a system.

View the rubric to see how your posts will be evaluated.

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