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Pick 1 of the topics below from the provisional agenda,

Pick 1 of the topics below from the provisional agenda, offer your chosen NATO country’s view on the topic (the country chosen is JORDAN), and then offer that country’s geopolitical strategy on how it would suggest NATO deal with this issue/topic. You will discuss what the country you chose thinks NATO should do (or what action NATO should take) regarding the issue important to the country. You can pick one major point and one subpoint for a more in-depth analysis, which is recommended in this case. You may, however, also pick one major point and multiple subpoints for a more concise analysis, as long as it is clear and addresses the essentials.

Provisional Agenda

North Atlantic Council

  1. Shaping the Future: Delivering Security in the Twenty-First Century
  2. Current NATO Operations
  3. Potential Operations
  4. Partnerships: Keeping a Global Perspective
  5. Afghanistan – Strategic Plan Post 2014
  6. Capability Improvement: Smart Defense
  7. Missile Defense Cooperation with Russia
  8. Turkey requests support from NATO and Azerbaijan grants NATO permission to deploy air and naval forces in its territory. 
  9. Or you may pick a topic of geostrategic interest that relates to NATO; you could pick a topic included in the NATO parliamentary assembly webpage.

Political Affairs Committee

  1. NATO Enlargement.
  2. NATO – EU Relations
  3. NATO – RUSSIA Relations
  4. Enhancing Partnerships – Existing PFP nations and strategic global partners
  5. Afghanistan – Strategic Plan Post 2014
  6. Emerging Security Challenges: Energy Security; Cyber Security – Water Security
  7. NATO’s approach to a rapidly changing Middle East and North Africa

Defense Planning Committee

  1. Afghanistan – Strategic Plan Post 2014
  2. NATO – EU Relations and Operations
  3. Permanent Structure for Relations
  4. Access to NATO Planning and NATO Capabilities
  5. Stability and Reconstruction Issues
  6. New Member Integration
  7. Defense Spending
  8. Smart Defense
  9. NATO Common Funding

Nuclear Planning Group

  1. Non-Proliferation of WMD and Security of Materials
  2. Nuclear Threats
  3. Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) capability
  4. Missile Defense for the Protection of NATO Territory
  5. TMD Cooperation with Russia
  6. Impact of New Start and UK/France Nuclear Weapon Reductions

Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC)

  1. Balkans – Kosovo
  2. Mediterranean – Active Endeavor — You can discuss issues related to the Mediterranean Dialogue, which forms the basis of NATO’s relations with its Mediterranean partners including Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia.
  3. Afghanistan – Strategic Plan Post 2014
  4. NATO Training Mission – Iraq
  5. Istanbul Cooperation Initiative – the Gulf states: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, or the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  6. Other Potential Operations 
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