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Prepare in good form responses to each of these questions.

Prepare in good form responses to each of these questions. Direct quotes from references should not be more than 25% of the paper.  All reference material should be footnoted per APA requirements.

  1. Does healthcare spending contribute or detract from national economic growth? Support your answer with data.
  2. Why is the United States spending more than twice as much per capita on healthcare than England or Germany? The answer should contain no less than five contributing reasons.
  3. In your opinion what aspects of the German or British healthcare system should the United States draw upon? Why?
  4. Should European countries make any reforms to their systems based on the United States?
  5. Who is to blame for the U.S. cost/deficiencies: Doctors, Hospitals, Drug Companies, Insurers, Consumer expectations?
  6. What should be the role of insurance in healthcare: Redistribution? Individualization?
  7. Finally, what changes would you recommend to the U.S. system. Include Christian and ethical perspectives, as well as the challenges consequences of the U.S. system on your organization and your work. Has it made your work in the healthcare system less effective and in which ways?

Above questions are excerpted from the case studies. 

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