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Read the Case Study from the attached PDF and answer

Read the Case Study from the attached PDF and answer the “Discussion Points” given at the bottom of the pdf in a clear but concise way. 

Be sure to reference all sources cited and use APA formatting throughout.

Your case study will be assessed as follows:

• Clarity: Are major points clearly presented? Does the writer present a coherent and succinct argument?

• Completeness: Are any points missing? Does the writing accomplish each task set forth in the assignment?

• Thoroughness: Are all major points illustrated adequately? Are there parts that need more explanation or evidence?

• Organization: Are the main points in the right order? Are there any overlapped or repeated points? Are there any irrelevant detail?

• Language: Are there problems with grammar, spelling, and punctuation? Are the sentences overly-complex? Choppy? Are the tone and word choice appropriate?

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