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Review the TED Talk from this week’s readings: “The Secret


Review the TED Talk from this week’s readings: “The Secret to Great Opportunities is the Person You Haven’t Met Yet.”

Ms. Menon challenges us to realize our networks are too predictable, and challenges us to “fight our filters.”  Doing so so will widen our social network, which can only lead to more opportunities. In Menon’s words,  “Your ‘weak’ [networking] ties are a new ticket to a whole new social world. The thing is… we don’t use this ticket very well.  Sometimes we stay awfully close to home.”

What specific actions can you take to support your network and then expand it? Also, what online tools/apps can you use to help you expand or better use your network?  (Hint: What routines/social habits can you switch? Or, take some time to research one of the following tools: LinkedIn, Shapr, Bizzabo, or Invitly, and share how you could use it in the future.

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