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The paper is to present information on 2 different terrorism attacks, by 2 different groups, that have occurred in the past 5 years. Your paper

The paper is to present information on 2 different terrorism attacks, by 2 different groups, that have occurred in the past 5 years.

Your paper should discuss:
● What happened and why
● Who conducted the attack
● Motivations and goals
● What type of terrorism this represents and why
● What was the result (Government response, policy change, culture shift, repercussions, etc.)

Undergraduate paper should be 5 full pages of written content, plus a title page, abstract, and your bibliography at the end. The entire paper should be written using APA format including in text citations, title page, abstract, page numbers and a running head.

Formatting is Times New Roman 12pt font with 1.5 spacing and margins set to 1 inch.
The grading rubric for the Paper is as follows:


The paper accurately and thoroughly describes each event, presenting
a complete look with all discussion points addressed.
60 points


APA citations, bibliography, and formatting used throughout paper.
Citations are present for facts and information presented by others.
10 points

Quality of Research

Sources used for research included juried journals and/or recognized
sources. No Wikipedia, blogs, or other self–modified web sites are
10 points

Editing Paper

is written in neutral 3rd person (No first person “I” or “we” or
“us”) with coherent sentence structure and grammar. Writing and
research flows in a way that is easy to understand.
10 points

Paper is interesting and educational when read. Presented information
and results are well supported by research.
10 points

Written Material Guidelines
● Assignments should be written using the APA Handbook and guidelines. Do not include works in your bibliography that are not cited in your paper.
o There are also many different websites with easy to follow instructions on APA formatting.
Purdue’s OWL is one example.
o MS Word will organize and save your sources and present them in APA format if you use the
“References” tab.
● Cite everything. If it is a fact you found somewhere – cite it. If it is a historical point – cite it. If it is an idea/theory/concept/conclusion that is not your own – cite it. The more citations the better.
● Don’t use any type of first person “I” or “we” or “us” or “you” in your writing.
o Present your research in a neutral, non-passionate, and clear way.
● Quality of sources depends on the research rigor and review. High quality sources include the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Congressional Research Service (CRS), RAND, Foreign Affairs, etc. News sources like Washington Post, NYT, The Economist, or Wall Street Journal are OK-ish but main stream media sources should not dominate your research.
o When in doubt go to the source – find the original report or document.
o Under no circumstances should you be using Wikipedia, Citizendium, or similar web sites as a
source for your research. However, you may visit these types of websites to find primary source
● Avoid the “history trap” where you dedicate too much writing to the full history of the terrorist
organization. Grading is focused on your ability to respond to the prompt.
● There are different ways that your Paper can be organized. Some of how you present your research will be based on the quality and diversity of information you find. You are encouraged to develop an outline of your paper

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