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 This written assignment will ask you to explore narrative art

 This written assignment will ask you to explore narrative art in preparation for the personal project that will be completed in the last few weeks of the term. Visit the Lucas Museum website at https://lucasmuseum.org/collection/narrative-art and read about narrative art through the ages.  

 Thereafter, browse the following featured categories:

 • History of Narrative Art

 • Illustration 

• Comic Art Once

 you have explored the featured categories above select one category for the paper. You will write a two-page paper that describes and analyzes two artworks by different artists. Do not use outside sources, the paper must be written from your point of view and in your own words. Specific guidelines of the paper: 

 Introduction (1 paragraph)

 o What category of narrative art did you choose? Why? 

o Name artworks to be analyzed? & why you chose them 

o How do they fit into narrative art? In your opinion.

o What figurative subject matter do they share? If any 

 Description (1 paragraph) 

o Describes each artwork, i.e., if you were to describe the artwork to a friend what would you say? Basically, what do you see? 

 Analysis (2-3 paragraphs

o This portion of the paper is based on your interpretation of how the elements and principles of design are utilized by the artists.

 • Elements: Line, shape, light and value, color, texture, mass, space, volume.

 • Principles: Scale, proportion, unity, rhythm, balance, directional force, emphasis or subordination. 

 Conclusion (1 paragraph) 

o Make final comments about your analysis. How has your understanding of narrative art changed/expanded after writing this paper?

 o Which artwork is more powerful for you? Why? 


 • Times New Roman, double-spaced, 500 words, no external sources for the written portion. 

• Insert images of the artwork on the cover sheet and add the image source. 

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