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You will submit one electronic copy of your term paper

You will submit one electronic copy of your term paper for this course to Safe Assignment on your TA’s discussion section website on learn.

The term paper is to be done on a topic of your choice and must be chosen from the subject matter and time-period this class covers, meaning: 

World Civilizations,



When choosing a topic DO NOT pick subjects that are too broad for such a short paper.

DO NOT do a biography of a famous person or the rise and fall of a dynasty or empire or the history of an important state.

Instead, pick one specific event in the career of a famous person or state, or one specific aspect of an important civilization to focus on.

DO NOT choose something too narrow or too ancient for which you will be unable to find sufficient information.

DO NOT compare & contrast ancient topics or compare & contrast an ancient and a modern topic.

You CANNOT use a paper you previously submitted in another class; this must be a new and original paper.

The paper is to be between (a full) 5 and 7 (full) pages (NO MORE & NO LESS). 

Do not use: large/small fonts, abnormal spacing, massive chapter subdivisions, outlines/numbered sequence points, etc.) 

Do not use extended quotes (meaning more than a few lines). 

Double spacing, 12-point fonts and 1-inch margins are the maximum.

The topic I chose is the Umayyad empire And how religion impacted the Umayyad empire

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