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  Your task individually is to find and interview two people


Your task individually is to find and interview two people (Make Up something) who have managed organizational change, or who have been directly involved in change implementation. Design a “topic guide” for your interviews.

This should cover, for example, the organizational context; your interviewees’ roles in relation to change; the nature of the changes in which they were involved; why those changes were significant; how the changes were implemented, covering key decisions, actions, turning points, crises; how your interviewees would describe their personal management styles; the outcomes of those changes—successful, or not.

If possible, choose to interview managers from different organizations and sectors, to provide contrast. Once you have collected this interview evidence, consider the following questions:

  • Which images of change did those two managers illustrate?
  • How did those images affect their change management decisions and actions?
  • Where they drew on more than one image, to what extent were those related to the type of change?
  • context of change?
  • phase of change?
  • Their involvement in more than one change at the same time?
  • What other factors did you identify?
  • What conclusions can you draw from your analysis of the effects of images and mental models on the way that your interviewees approached their change management roles?
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